Avoid detection and reach the magic portal.
Shapeshift into harmless objects to fool your enemies, but beware; Each monster has a soft spot for one type of object, which they will sometimes investigate.

- - Controls - -

Movement: WASD or Arrows
Activate/cancel shapeshifting: 1,2,3 or LMB, MMB, RMB

- - Developer's comments - -

Originally a Ludum Dare 35 entry.

Ludum Dare 35 Page


Developer commentary

Known bugs:
Middle mouse button does not work properly in the web version.

- - Credits - -


Ranquil - Markus Ranki

On-Jin (on-jin.com)
Presence of Music (presence-of-music.com)

- - Version Log - -

V1.0.1 - 29.05.2016 9.20
- Initial release


Transformagician_V1_0_1_Win.zip 16 MB
Transformagician_V1_0_1_Nux.zip 19 MB
Transformagician_V1_0_1_Mac.zip 18 MB


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can we shapeshift into different objects somehow?

There are three objects to transform into, no more no less. A new object is introduced in each level. Use the number keys to change between them.

ik that this was a ludlum dare but can you please update it and add more levels i love this game

I'm glad you like it.

Transformagician stands pretty well on its own at the moment. Been thinking of updates for Desert Strife and Mr. Mayor's Energy Crisis, they have small issues I'd prefer to fix. Unfortunately I'm tight on time currently so cannot promise anything concrete.

Update it when you have more time no-one likes a rushed update that just makes the game worse
if you don't have a lot of time then i don't mind having no updates for a while