Dodge bullets and destroy enemies in this top-down-dodge-em-up-bullet-hell-match-3 combo.


  • Move around with WASD
  • Aim independently of your movement direction with mouse
  • Press and hold left mouse button while aiming at a block (from any distance) to grab it.
  • A grabbed block hovers in front of you. Change its position by aiming.
  • Release left mouse button to throw the block (in your current aiming direction).
  • Connect 2 red blocks or 3 purple blocks for explosive results!
  • Enemies next to an explosion will die (1 point for each!)

Alternative controls


WASD or QZSD = movement
Arrows = aiming
Spacebar (hold/release) = grab/throw block

R = restart
M = mute music
I = Swap movement and aiming inputs

Gamepad (360):

Left stick = movement
Right stick = aiming
Left or right bumper (hold/release) = grab/throw block

Start or Back = restart

Developer's comments

Originally a Ludum Dare 41 entry



Download 4 MB

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