A downloadable Visualisation for Windows and Linux

A node based visualization of a mobile phone manufacturing supply chain. The distance numbers and, frankly, the whole supply chain is made up and simplified.


Left click - Expand nodes

Right click - Move camera

Mouse wheel - Zoom camera

Developer's comments

My initial, completely unrelated, idea was grand, but too big for the time I had available. This idea, much smaller in scope, still proved tricky. Initially there was supposed to be CO2 and energy counters to accompany the distance measurement, but alas I could not find any good numbers on those and lacked time. This was made in about 8 hours or so.

Godot turned out to be tricky as well. I'd forgotten a few small things already since the last jam, so had a few head-scratchers. There is no HTML 5 build as Godot didn't want to make one…. Will investigate tomorrow. Too tired!


SupplyChainVisualisation_Linux.zip 12 MB
SupplyChainVisualisation_Win.zip 11 MB

Development log

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