A promising project is taking off, but the overly optimistic suits are throwing more and more people at the project draining the budget. They are not listening to reason and due to the strict labour laws you cannot fire any of the workers. What to do?

Simple, incentivize the workers to pull long hours with overtime bonuses and they'll surely burn out and leave with a fresh face taking the hot seat. Reach 20000€ to prove the profitability of the project and maybe you are given a proper budget next time.


Click buttons to continue (or use the space bar)
Click workers to see their stats
Click the sliders to change overtime bonuses

Developer's comments

Well gee, I had big plans for the visuals and the tutorial, but here we are with a barely functional simulation. It is possible to reach the revenue goal, that much balancing I got in, but it is not easy.

Used Godot with GDScript. for the first time, as it has a functional HTML5 export option unlike C#. It went rather smoothly, despite a slow start looking at basic things like syntax, raycasting and UI elements.

Comfortaa by Johan Aakerlund

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