A dexterity challenge about unfortunate data mixups.


Mouse = everything


R = restart level


Space = slow-mo
N = next level
P = previous level

Developer’s comments

Made in 25 (effective) hours for LD42, 2018.
The music is a bit strange. Came up with it within the last few hours again.

Development log


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Great game! Clever concept, with neat level design.

It's a great puzzle game. Having the game take place inside a computer is a nice idea and maybe you learn something about it, although it's simplified of course. Early levels are merely a tutorial, but when you get more than two data ports, you'll begin to need some good multitasking skills, even when you use the "bullet time" feature. The visual style is about perfect for the theme, including the classic "computer font".

I have to point out that Mini Micro is not a deductive logic challenge (i.e. a puzzle) as completing the levels is obvious, logically speaking . The challenge is about a little bit of planning and a whole lot of dexterity.  The slow-mo is considered a cheat for a reason!

I guess you're right it's not really a puzzle. When there's a game with 2D graphics and abstract elements (circles, squares), it kind of registers as a puzzle game, even when it's more of an action game.