"Cake for the Cake God! /
God's will is ever ours /
Throughout our waking hours /
We collect and bake /
We carry the cake. /
Up the hill and into the fire. /
Only sweat will spare us from ire /
If He will refuse a bite /
we shall feel His rage and smite. /
Bake for the Cake God!" /


The volcano god demands cake! Bake it, one layer at a time, by gathering resources and do keep and eye on the hourglass.

- - Controls - -

- Click a villager to select him or click and drag to select multiple villagers.
- Click a resource to send the selected villagers to gather it.
- Click the cake to send the selected villagers to bake it.

- - Team - -

Hemmo Kauppinen
Ilkka Hartala
Peetu Rimmi
Pauliina Lammi
Lara Monteiro
Supravee Nilprasert

Originally a Global Game Jam 2016 entry:


DivineIndulgement_Win.zip 30 MB
DivineIndulgement_Nux.zip 33 MB
DivineIndulgement_Mac.zip 32 MB

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