Prototype for project 1 (2018), codename: Corruption.


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Left mouse button = click character to select them
Right mouse button = click node to move selected character
Space = toggle pause


(There's a tutorial now including this same info)

Each second corruption increases in corrupted nodes (those with a magenta percentage next to them.)

Every second there is a chance for a corrupted node to overflow (corruption increases 50%!). This chance is the current level of corruption on the node. The program will auto pause if an occupied node overflows.

Some nodes contain civilians (white number below node). To free them move the green pixie character to the node and let her unlock the node. After this the amount of civies left on the node appears.

Try to save as many civies as possible before escaping (move the pixie to the center node for the escape button to show up)

Character combat abilities

  • Shapeshifter (Orange): Blocks overflow, reduces corruption increase per second.
  • Fox (Blue): Attacks corrupted node.  Strong melee attack.
  • Mage (Silver): Can attack one node away. Attacks the node with most corruption. Ok Ranged attack, weak melee attack. Cannot use ranged attack if standing on a corrupted tile.
  • Pixie (Green): cannot attack at all!

A character standing on a node when it reaches maximum corruption will die.

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