Uncover the sigils of the circle.

An occult puzzle in the vein of Mastermind (not the occult bit) with voice acting!


Mouse for everything. Tutorial included.

Developer's comment

Pretty similar to my last LD title, another puzzle with a prominent circle, but I had a bit more time this weekend for much needed extra polish. Not that I had time for sound effects.

Wanted to use Godot, but the C# version is still in beta and lacks WebGL support so that plan had to go. The unity WebGL version has issues with looping sounds, which is unfortunate, but it works otherwise.

Thanks to Remco for the name suggestion.

Made originally for Alakajam 5 in 24 effective hours.

Third party assets

Wellsley font by James Fordyce
Flames.wav by PapercutterJohn
Experimental Drone by Jedo
Cave Ambient 02.wav font by FoxZine
Creepy Bassy Atmo (loop).wav by gerainsan
sugodrone_04.wav by sugonaut
Risset Horror.wav by MrFossy

Development log

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