Be a busy bee. Do your business.


Tutorial now included!

Left mouse button click and hold on:

- Bee to fly (consumes energy)

- Pine cone to stop it (with mysterious bee powers)

- Flower to score (just like in real-life)

Eat nectar to regain energy.

Extra controls

Press R to restart

Press F for fullscreen.

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Originally for Ludum Dare 46



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Download 30 MB
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Amazing sprite design and overall feel. Personally i would like the possibility to flip the bee when i want because i feel that the mechanics of keeping the bee flying and gaining energy are already hard enough. You could also add enemies coming in from sides . But all that is just personal opinion. Overall a very nice quality short game. Very good job!

I tried the game under the LD jam, and I have now played it again. The game feels better now, and I like the intro/tutorial . The tutorial makes the game a bit easier to play, and that is good. 

For me it is still a bit too difficult to keep the bee alive. I would like the gameplay to be a bit easier, slower and more relaxing. For me it feels like there is a bit of a mismatch between the relaxing and calming sound/musics/visuals and the slightly stressful gameplay. If the gameplay was just a bit more relaxed/slow I could easily see my self play this game for 15-30 minutes, and have fun relaxing experience. 

But anyway this is this still a good and well made game. Well done.


I've added a Chill mode which starts off much slower and takes 10 minutes to get to normal speed. The input is also slightly easier. Constantly tracking the bee with the cursor is no longer needed.

Thanks for playing and the words!

That's new Flappy Bird! :D