AAA is an interactive short story, not a competition, challenge, or a puzzle. There is no winning, losing or problem solving, just a non-linear story. Also it is all text!


- Mouse click for everything
- Space is a hotkey for *continue*

Developer's comments

The first interactive story I've managed to finish. Still, it is not complete yet, had to cut many little details and even a few story lines. Will keep developing it further. (Eventually! There are a few typos too.)

Originally an Alakajam 1 entry
Font: Dumbledor

Version log

- V1.0.0 25.09.2017

- V1.0.1 30.09.2017
Android version with improved layout

- V1.0.2 29.11.2017
WebGL version with improved layout and background image


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Nice idea, but lack of art, sound and actual gameplay makes it a bit boring to play. Are you still working on this?

Well, as the description states, AAA is an interactive short story so there was never going to be any graphics, sounds or gameplay. What is at offer here is a short story with some interactivity. The description is fitting isn't it?

Currently I'm not actively working on AAA. Too many other projects on the way. I'm also not an experienced writer so coming up with prose is tough to say the least.

Thanks for the interest though!